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New phase on my Art NFT culture

Some changes are coming to how I interact with NFTs and collectors.
I’ll drop the ball now: All my art and sticker NFTs will be free now
Kinda, you’ll need a special NFTs to claim the free drop:

One time purchase NFT that we’ve been using already: The K9 and Red club card.
K9s will get the drop first, Reds will get it the next day if there’s NFTs available.

If you have high interest on low mints, in supporting my art financially or you want ensured you’ll get the NFT, a monthly paid tier: “Sticker Fan” and “Art Supporter”.
Art Supporters and Sticker fans will also have early viewing to new art through discord.

Why am I doing this?
My mission was always been to share my art and for people to have fun collecting my art. But with the amount of art I create I feel I’m just draining out of your money, which is a gross feeling for me. I’m not here to drain your finances just to collect digital goods of my art, specially when recession season is back.
Making all art free drops will help ease with this stressful feeling.
I can be less picky with which art I can drop, meaning more art to collect can be available without worrying of draining people’s wallets.
And if you want to support my art financially, you still can with the monthly tier and secondary sales.

If you want to start supporting my art, here’s the drop to obtain the ensure low mints of my art:



Leaderboard Cycle 9

We’re ready to go for the new cycle on the leaderboard!
You can participate by owning either Red or K9 club card
There’s no more low mints for the top 10 but this was interchanged by the top 15 of the leaderboard will be airdropped with exclusive NFTs randomly.
The final reward is still for the top 5!!

Join the leaderboard to join the club:


The first drops for this new phase

Sticker NFT – Centipede
5 july 23 / 7:30pmUTC (red drop if available: 5 july 23 / 7:30pmUTC)
Good Girl’s Milkie | 65 of 69 available | Free – Proof of Ownership | 2 points

Art NFT – Strenght
5 july 23 / 7:30pmUTC (red drop if available: 5 july 23 / 7:30pmUTC)
Good Girl’s Milkie | 25 of 25 available | Free – Proof of Ownership | 4 points

Thank you so much for y’all support and love for my art ! !

🧡 LATEX // WAX // 245 pack – 490 NFTs

🧡 LATEX // WAX // 245 pack – 490 NFTs

K9s drop Wednesday February 8 8:30pmUTC
Public drop Thursday February 9 8:30pmUTC

Pack Drop
Blockchain: WAX
Collection: Magnta555art
Price: 3 USD
Supply: 220 of 245
Leaderboard Points: from 4 to 6 points